How to Grow Fast as an Early-Stage Consultant


New consultants need to leverage many marketing channels all at once to grow fast.

Website, social media, referrals, events, SEO, partnership, etc.


You actually need just ONE effective channel early on to grow fast.

Nail one, then add others.

This is true across most new businesses, not just consulting.

Look at these famous tech startup examples.

Most people think Google succeeded only because it had a superior product, but Google’s early growth came by way of strategic partnerships (Netscape and Yahoo to power their search).

A decade later, AirBnB’s most effective hack was the infamous Craigslist integration (look it up) which got them a ton of users at virtually no cost (until Craigslist shut them down).

And more recently, Tik Tok got a wild stream of users by leveraging existing platforms (Weibo, Tudou) to have their product go viral.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” channel.

Many channels work well (email, direct mail, LinkedIn, etc.).

You need to understand who you’re targeting, where they spend their time and attention and choose 2-3 channels to test before zoning in on one that works the best.

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