The Lure of the W______ (A Warning to Consultants)

I’ve seen people succumb to it and live a ghostly existence trapped between space and time.

I’m not talking about The Lure of the Wolf, the fantasy novel by Jennifer St. Giles.

I’m talking about…The Lure of the Website…

…that many good consultants often fall prey to.

I’ve seen it time and again.

Someone jumps out of corporate and into independent or freelance consulting.

The first thing they try to do…

…is hire someone to build a website.

Weeks pass, with lots of back and forth between consultant and web designer.

Finally, the website is “launched”.

A few likes on social media, mostly friends and family.

And then… CRICKETS.

I’ve got nothing against websites. But if your website doesn’t generate sales qualified opportunities when you’re in hunting mode…

…then it’s no different from a glorified hoarding that no one notices.

I didn’t have a website for a full year after I started my consulting business, so I know you don’t need one to land new clients.

What do you need to land new clients?

Conversations with potential clients.

More conversations with potential clients = more chances of landing new clients.

So, unless your website helps you land conversations with potential clients who need help NOW, it’s nothing but a glorified hoarding.

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