How to Pick a Business Model for Your Consulting Business

Consulting business owners who rely on their technical expertise to deliver business growth leave many opportunities on the table.

If you’re simply too busy delivering client projects to pay attention to your sales and marketing functions, then you’ll eventually struggle.

But even before you dive into sales and marketing, you want to make sure your business model is set up properly for success.

To me, a business model is simply how your business is structured so it delivers value to your clients and to you.

Here’s a snapshot of the various types of business models that work in consulting:

✅ 1. Done for you (DFY): You do the work for your clients. Most consulting companies are DFY-based. They get you in, you deliver.

✅ 2. Done with you (DWY): Part of the work is done by the client and part by you.

✅ 3. DIY (Pure advisory and/or Executive coaching): You offer intellectual property and advice alone and your clients implement.

✅ 4. DIY (Training): Skills transfer from consultant to client and/or teams.

✅ 5. Hybrid: Any of these models mixed and matched to deliver results.

But how do you decide which model (or combination of models) is right for you?

Watch the video for a 3-part framework 👇

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Image credit: Dolorita on Art