The Cure For Your Fears, Doubts and Bias

I have a bit of a weird confession to make.

Consultants are seen as clear-headed, highly analytical and process-oriented.

This is a part of the reason people like us get hired.

From day 1 as a management consultant, I was trained in the right frameworks, models and problem-solving processes to get results for clients.

As a strategic planning consultant, I was good at my work. My clients appreciated the results I got for them and were always happy to refer me to others.

But here’s the weird bit:

When it was time to use the same frameworks and processes to improve and grow my own consulting business, I fumbled…badly.

I could advise my clients on strategic planning and growth in my sleep but really struggled to apply the exact same advice to my own consulting business.

After many months of searching for the solution, it hit me…

No matter how knowledgable you are, it’s super hard to be your own business advisor. We all have biases, fears, doubts and real-world pressure stuck in our heads.

To separate all of those things from what’s truly important and achieve clarity, create a plan, execute consistently and then hold yourself accountable, all on your own…is a lot to ask.

No matter how many books you read, YouTube videos you watch or self-study courses you buy, doing this alone is extremely time-consuming and hard.

Once I realized this, I got serious about getting help. That was around 10 years ago. From that time onwards, I’ve never *not* had a business advisor/coach.

A great business advisor or coach can help you define your goals, create a path to get there…and get you there as fast as possible.

Sure, it’s possible to achieve everything you want on your own, but it’s most likely going to take you much longer.

To me, the difference between going it alone vs. having the right advisor/coach in your corner is like night and day.

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Image credit: Art by Independent Artists ArtQuid