Marketing Lesson from the Inimitable Frank Zappa

If you’re in the midst of creating consulting offerings and/or researching your market, Frank Zappa’s advice will come in handy.

Zappa was one of the most innovative musicians of the previous century. He experimented and invented wildly throughout his career.

His band was appropriately called The Mothers of Invention.

Watch the video below in which Zappa talks about the virtue in having a “I don’t know, let’s put it out there and see what happens” attitude.

Sometimes we wait for too long before taking our offerings and solutions to the market…we wait to have all the answers before going to market.

The reality is that you’ll never have all the answers before you go to market. The wiser way to go about it is to create a hypothesis of your offering and show it to people and…see what happens.

Based on the results, you can improve your offerings and solutions.

Zappa explains this process way better in the context of the music business. Check out the video 👇👇👇

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Image credit: Frank Zappa painting by Richard Jolicoeur