Promote Yourself Without Promoting Yourself


If you’re uncomfortable promoting yourself, Adam Grant’s distinction (in the image below) will help shift your thinking.

I love how he positions sharing your work as self-expression as opposed to self-promotion.

Self-expression will lead to self-promotion, which I believe is perfectly fine (and necessary because you’re running a business).

I feel bad when consulting business owners with tremendous knowledge don’t share it.

Consultants, especially experienced ones, can be natural content creators because they tend to know so much about their domain.

But there’s one major factor standing in the way of consultants expressing themselves freely. It’s this:

➡️ ❌ Not prioritizing investing in the “business” part of their business. Consulting business owners don’t make enough of an effort to learn marketing and sales primarily because they spend most of their time on client engagements. Thus they don’t have a plan to take all of their knowledge, build a powerful point of view and distribute it effectively.

Expressing your best self to your audience and community has amazing benefits. You’ll be able to:

✅ Clarify to yourself what you stand for (it takes time to find your voice and message as a creator) so you can stand out from the crowd.

✅ Attract and connect with like-minded prospective clients who are on the same intellectual wavelength as you.

✅ Contribute to and help your community…to be someone who others respect and rely on.

Your job as a consulting business owner is not just to bring technical know-how to the market.

It’s also to promote and sell your work so you can reach and serve more clients.

To do that, there’s no better way than to create a plan and express yourselves freely.

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Image credit: The Great Salvador Dali, of course! He makes you see differently, no?