Key to Consulting Growth: A Transformational Offer

This one’s for those consulting business owners that are in the following stage of their business: 

👉 You’ve grown your consulting business to 6 figures
👉 You offer many different types of consulting services to many different types of clients
👉 You wish to grow revenue and you need to decide which direction to take your business in

If this is what you’re going through, you may feel that you can grow all of your services at once. 

But that will only lead to: 

– Exhaustion
– Lower quality of delivery
– Being perceived as a generalist (which leads to lower fees and lower quality clients)
– Stagnation and spinning your wheels

 So what do you do? 

In my experience it comes down to offering a transformation vs. offering a variety of short-term, standalone services.

A transformative offering is one that promises to solve a very painful problem your market is facing and deliver their dream outcome. 

It’s a bold and complete solution to a costly problem faced by your market. 

A transformative solution not only solves the problem for your clients but also gives you the focus you need to build a marketing narrative and story. 

Which helps you to grow revenue in a more balanced and pragmatic manner. 

Check out the video for more on this topic. 👇👇

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Image credit: Mohanjeet Baldev Kalsi