Know How Your Buyers Make Decisions (Example Inside)

Every buying decision has a process. Do you know how your buyers make decisions? 👇

Despite being in close contact with their buyers throughout the duration of consulting engagements, many consultants make this BIG mistake. They don’t gather enough insights on their buyers or the buying process.

  • What key problems do end-users face?
  • What triggers a buying event?
  • Who are your buyers?
  • Who influences those buyers?
  • How are buying decisions made?

Let’s look at an example of how buying decisions are typically made for IT Consulting requirements at a large organization.

(Remember, this is an example of how one organization makes decisions. Each organization is different, with their unique buying processes for various types of consulting)

It helps to see the buying process as a series of steps. Here are the steps a large organization went through when they sought out a new IT consulting firm.

Example: Enterprise Software Consulting Purchase Process

Buying Trigger: Volume of current process increases; pressure on resources.

Step 1: The Business unit Head submits a request (need for a solution) to the IT department.

Step 2: Preliminary discussion between business head and IT Manager/Director

Step 3: IT will then evaluate the request and research whether a solution is available in-house or need to be purchased; if a new solution is required, technical and business evaluation is conducted. IT works with procurement group to identify 2-3 vendors.

Step 4: IT submits business case to project management office or Steering committee made up of Executive team members. In general, decision is made by top management for consulting engagements more than $100k-$150k range.

All Buying Decisions Have a Process. Do you know your Buyer’s Process?

If you don’t, here’s a tip.

  • Ask your clients for a 30 min meeting so you can learn more about their needs and how they make decisions.
  • What questions to ask them? If you’d like a list of questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll send them to you.

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Image credit: The Business Journals