Retaining Clients Is Not Just About Results

According to research by Bain & Co., increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Retaining clients in consulting is not always about solving your client’s problems.

It’s not just about technical results, but also about communication, i.e.

✅ Keeping your clients informed about the work you’re doing
✅ Owning up if you screw up
✅ Listening so you can do things before they ask
✅ Listening to the market so you can point them to new opportunities
✅ Introducing them to other resources they can hire

Overall, you need to be reliable and lean in. They need to feel heard – that’s a big part of retention.

What else did I miss? 👇

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[Thanks Guillaume Wiatr for inspiring this post. Read his post here:]

Image credit: Night Cafe