Leaving Money on the Table? Do This

Ever feel you leave too much money on the table and wonder how to increase your fees?
If yes, here’s one way to do it.
Let me illustrate.  
How much does a bottle of water cost you?
The right answer is that it depends on WHERE you buy it.
A convenience store will probably sell it at $0.75
A grocery store, $1.50
A restaurant, $3.00
An upscale bar, $4.00
An airport or flight, maybe $5.00
The product is the same, but its VALUE changes based on where it’s sold and to whom.
And guess what?
The same idea applies to all products and services, including consulting.
Different market segments value the same type of consulting services differently.
Sure, you may need to tweak the way you present and deliver your offering to serve a new segment.
But you’ll be using your existing expertise to deliver the engagement and the bulk of the work likely won’t be very different.
Serving the right types of clients can lead to:
🔥 Higher margins
🔥 Better, more fulfilling engagements
🔥 The chance to pay for higher quality talent to join your team
🔥 The opportunity to create a high-value business/asset you can sell
🔥 More free time and lower stress
Most consultants let their fear get the better of them and never leave their safe harbour, i.e. their current market segment.
But it ends up costing them a lot of money. Not to mention time.
Remember, if you feel your services are worth more than what your clients pay for currently, maybe you’re selling them to the wrong type of client.
Where you sell and to whom matter.

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Image credit: fstop123 Getty images/iStockphoto