What Consultants Should (and Shouldn’t) do to Land New Clients

For the time-strapped consultant looking for new clients, going outbound (cold calls, email) is becoming extremely hard.

You think attracting inbound prospects (potential clients who seek you out) using a content strategy takes too long?

Outbound can take longer, especially after what happened to the world last year.


If you get a referral to someone with an immediate need, you’re lucky. Those can be great leads.

But not all referrals turn into clients immediately. Most of the time those leads are not ready to buy when you need to close a sale.

What’s even worse?

Knocking on random doors (via Linkedin messages, calls, email, etc.) is draining.

It’s a volume play and you’re looking for a small sliver of buyers with an immediate need.

Prospecting this way while working on client projects is not efficient at all. You’ll end up dropping the ball eventually and get really frustrated.

Check out the image below, it shows you what buyers’ priorities and where YOU are on the list.

When buyers don’t know you, you’ll never be a priority.

A much better way to prospect is to teach and educate by creating content your audience cares about.

Your audience will learn from you and trust you. And if you’re consistent, you’ll have prospects consistently knocking on your door ready to buy what you offer.

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Image credit: Art Ranked Discovery Engine