How to Build Trust with Consulting Buyers


What does it take to build trust with buyers and land new deals?

I ask because in any high-value sale

…trust is critical.

Consultants typically turn to existing relationships to act as intermediaries of trust.

Existing relationships with those who trust you can lead to powerful referrals.


Referrals can be unpredictable. Your pipeline is restricted to those you know and their network.

But here’s the thing…

There’s another way to gain trust, and it works really well for consultants.

Think of some of the most successful consultants…

Drucker, Peters, Porter, Collins et al.

More than consultants, they were/are prolific educators. They bring value to their audience via new thinking, observations and experiments.

Their books stimulate their audience’s intellect and add value to their lives.

This builds trust which in turn leads to new relationships and new consulting deals.

So do you need to write a book to build trust and land new deals?

Not necessarily.

The advantage with consultants is that they are very knowledgeable in their field. But that knowledge is often bottled up inside.

You don’t need to write a book now if you aren’t ready. You can use new media tools, though, to create compelling content that educates.

For educating your audience is a gateway to gaining their trust and…

…landing new consulting deals.

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Image credit: Artwork by Duy Huynh