The Consulting Business Owner Identity


Do you identify yourself as an expert in your field?

I’m sure you’ve got tremendous expertise in something, otherwise, you wouldn’t be a consultant.

But if you’re also the owner of a consulting business, do you still *identify* yourself as an expert?

Identity is so vital to the human experience. We act based on who we think we are.

But here’s what I believe.

If you own a consulting business and identify yourself primarily as a technical expert, it can be problematic for growth.

Because when you see yourself as an expert first, you see a craftsman, technician or artist in the mirror.

That’s the identity you choose.

It’s good to be proud of your technical abilities as a business owner, BUT…

This identity can also keep you comfortable in your “technical” shell.

You’ll then tend to ignore efficient prospecting and sales, leading to feast and famine, slow growth and stress.

If that’s what you’re experiencing, here’s an identity shift to consider in order to grow your business:

Instead of seeing yourself as a consultant first, see yourself as a salesperson selling consulting services.


We act based on who we think we are.

Your business may need you to change first before it does.

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