Lessons for Consultants from Roland Garros


Did you watch the French Open final between Nadal and Djokovic on Sunday?
It was a no-contest between the two greats, with the “King of Clay” Rafael Nadal winning in straight sets.

If you didn’t watch the match but looked at the score (6-0, 6-2, 7-5) you would think Nadal played so well that Djokovic had no chance of winning.

But the match stats tell a different story.

There was not much separating the players…EXCEPT for the number of unforced errors.

While Djokovic made 52 unforced errors, Nadal made just 14!

According to ATP, the average number of unforced errors made by a proper SET is 20. Nadal made just 14 in the entire match!

That got me thinking…Nadal primarily won because he almost perfectly executed what he could control. Djokovic’s own errors did him in.

As consultants and business owners, would we be better off if we reduced our unforced errors? You bet.

Unforced errors such as:

❌ Not making that extra call or sending that email to a prospect
❌ Not showing up
❌ Forgetting to plan adequately
❌ Missing deadlines
❌ Not getting the education and training we need
❌ Being lazy

As all-time tennis great Bill Tilden said, “Tennis matches are always lost on errors.”

The same thing applies to business as well.

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