Live Event: 100 Pieces of Content in 60 mins

🔴 LIVE ALERT – June 15 @ 12pm Eastern on Zoom

If you’d like your audience to never forget you, you need to show up where they hang out and be helpful.

The way you do that is by sharing your knowledge. 👨‍🎓

As a consultant and advisor, you have specific knowledge and perspective of your domain.

Sharing your knowledge or creating helpful content is the best way to be memorable. If you keep your knowledge and perspective bottled up inside, you’re going to get forgotten easily and your competitors will land clients that could easily have hired you instead.

There are many content-creation frameworks and techniques. In my experiments over the years, I’ve found one that works really well for business consultants such as yourself.

🌟 This technique is privy only to my paying clients. This is the first time I’m sharing it for free with the Consulting Growth Hour community. 🌟

So if you’d like to learn how to create content that leads to more referrals, inbound leads, strategic partnerships, collaborations and growth, join me for this session. This is designed as a workshop where you’ll plan to create 100 pieces of content.

Topic: 100 pieces of content in 60 mins
🔥 When: Thursday, June 15 @ 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific
🔥 Where: Zoom
🔥 Register here:

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