Live Event: 5 Ways to Increase Your Consulting Fees

There’s nothing more frustrating (or frightening) in a consulting business than the topic of fees. 

Ever asked yourself these questions?

❓Do I charge hourly, fixed fees or value-based?
❓How do I increase my fees without facing resistance from clients? 
❓How do I demonstrate value so I can charge higher fees? 
❓How is it that my competitors charge way more than me but I struggle to do the same? 

When it comes to your fees, there may be many factors at play that you simply may not know about. 

The topic of fees is so visceral it can fog your thinking and give you blind spots. 

But what if the solution to your pricing challenges lies in a simple change in your perspective or a small tweak in the way you operate? That certainly is the case for many consulting business owners. 

If you’re curious to learn how to approach pricing your consulting services and increase your fees, join me for my latest training session in the “Consulting Growth Hour” event series. 

Topic: 5 Ways to Increase Your Consulting Fees
When: March 24 @ 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific
Where: Zoom

Registration link is

P.S. – What’s Consulting Growth Hour? It’s a twice monthly event series and community in which I break down key sales and marketing concepts for consulting business owners. Learn how to prospect the right way in 2022, attract dream clients and build your business the way you see fit.

The sessions are complimentary and there’s nothing for sale in the end. Come join.

Ready to add $100k-$500k revenue to your consulting business in 12 months or less without burning out? Schedule a call and let me show you how.

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