Market Research Tips for Consulting Business Owners


What comes to mind when you hear the term “market research”?

Long questionnaires, analysis with lots of numbers and graphs, complicated software?

If you think market research is drab, you’re not alone. Many consultants I speak with say the same thing.

Others know they have to do it but don’t have the time.

But most people simply don’t know how to do it.


If you’ve been following my content regularly, you’ll know that I strongly advocate that consulting business owners make sales and marketing education a priority for themselves.

Marketing and sales drive revenue. As a business founder and owner, it’s on you to drive revenue. Without the right marketing foundation, it’s easy to make the wrong decisions about revenue growth.

And guess what?

Market research is one of the first activities you’ll need to learn as a founder/marketer.

But it doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. Truth is, it can be fun.

To me, market research is like hunting for treasure (insights). A good market researcher is like a scientist trying to prove a hypothesis or make a discovery.

As a consulting business owner, make market research your friend. Your business will thank you later.

To learn about what to do and the questions to ask during research, check out the video below 👇

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Image credit: Dave DiCello