How to Create Demand for Your Consulting Services

❓❓ How do you create demand for your services?

How do you make potential clients choose to hire you instead of continuing to do things the old way?
In my experience, most of our audience is not ready to buy now. In fact, most people don’t even feel the need to change.
They’re getting by using their current solution or process. In other words, they don’t always realize there’s a better way (i.e. your way). Or they’re simply just too busy to actively look for a new solution.
As a consulting business owner, it’s on you to recognize the nature of the market and actively create demand for your services if you feel your solution solves a real problem for your market.
To create demand, you need to find ways to educate your audience about the following:
👉 Problems (related to the current way they’re doing things) they don’t know about.
👉 Opportunity costs or costs of maintaining the status quo
👉 Big results or outcomes that are possible to achieve
👉 How your solution can help bring those results or outcomes to life (if indeed they can!)
The more you build your network of prospective clients and share your perspectives on the above, the more they will begin to think about and consider your point of view.
It doesn’t matter if you use text, audio, video, visuals or in-person channels. You will break through to your audience as long as you’re consistent.
🌟 Remember, most people don’t even know there’s a better way to do what they’re already doing. Create demand among this group and you’ll be the first consultant they think about when they’re ready to buy.

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Image credit: | Megan Swartz