Live Event: How to Create Demand for Your Consulting Services

The best prospects are those that have made up their minds to work with you even before they’ve met you. 

But how do you get them to that point? Here’s how:

By creating demand for your services. 

Demand creation doesn’t mean you shout from the rooftops about how great you are and what you offer. 

On the other hand, demand creation is subtle yet deliberate. Your audience – not your business – must the focus of your demand creation efforts. To create demand, you need to articulate that you understand their world. 

If creating demand for your consulting services sounds relevant to you, join me in the latest edition of Consulting Growth Hour where we’ll discuss: 

🔥 The 4 key attributes of demand creation and how to apply it to your business
🔥 A practical way to roll out your demand creation efforts without spending hours on end creating content
🔥 The team and budget you need do execute fast

Here are the details:
TOPIC: How to Create Demand for your Consulting Services
WHEN: Thursday, May 5 @ 12pm ET / 9am PT
WHERE: Zoom (register here)

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Image credit: gJDawnInk Getty Images