Are You a Contractor or a Consulting Business Owner?

Are you a contractor or a consulting business owner?

There’s a difference.

A contractor though technically a business owner is usually tied to a single client.

Nothing wrong with being a contractor, but since they’re usually contracted to one large client they tend to be more like employees without benefits (in most cases).

Contractors, like other skilled professionals, are hired for their expertise and they focus solely on executing client engagements and delivering results.

Consulting business owners on the other hand see themselves differently. Although consulting business owners too are typically hired for their individual expertise, they look for leverage in order to grow their revenue and profit.

Leverage in terms of setting up their business in a way that allows them to remove themselves from client delivery as much as possible, acquire more profitable clients and deliver great results.

This often involves delegation, automation and/or rethinking business models.

To be a consulting business owner focused on leverage and growth, you need a delicate balance of:

👉 Business planning & delegation/team-building
👉 Prospecting
👉 Discovery and sales
👉 Technical client delivery

There’s no right or wrong about being a contractor. Do it if that’s what you’re inclined towards. But being a consulting business owner requires a shift in mindset, new skills and necessary support.

What do you see yourself as and where are you headed?

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Image credit: goccedicolore | Depositphotos