The Service Design Mindset

Customized consulting projects are the norm, but what if you could productize your service offerings?

What if you could design a standard service that you sold over and over again?

What would that do for your consulting business?

I’ve done this in my business and here are some of the benefits I’ve seen:

👉 Higher gross margins
👉 Higher quality of delivery (The more we delivered, the better we got)
👉 More relevant referrals
👉 No lengthy proposals
👉 More focused branding, marketing and sales
👉 Way more free time

You don’t need to give up doing customized projects. What I found is that a standard service offering that provides a quick result opened the doors to other opportunities down the road, including high-value custom engagements.

For some other consulting businesses, their entire delivery structure is based off of standard offerings that progressively build off of each other. One offering leads to the next.

There are many ways you could design a business based off of standard offerings. But the first step?


Check out the video below for more 👇👇👇

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Image credit: Kluwer Copyright Blog