New Market Entry Lesson for Consultants from WW2


Trying to break in to a new market and looking for the right strategy?

Look no further than the events of June 6, 1944.

The Battle of Normandy. Or D-day.

To take control of the Western Front, the Allies decided to invade Normandy, a coastal region in western France.

Just five beaches were selected for invasion in the historic operation.

With over a million troops, the Allies dominated, gradually gained territory and took control of the Western Front.

Do you think it would’ve been wise for them to attack the entire coast of France simultaneously in their quest for victory?

Had they done so, they likely would’ve depleted their resources fast, losing both ground and morale…and the war with it.


Many would agree that business strategy has parallels to war strategy.

You’re dealing with objectives, competitive forces and scarce resources.

But I see consultants (and businesses in general) make the mistake of offering 15 different services all at once.

That’s like invading the entire coast of France thinking you have unlimited resources.

You don’t. You’re much better off starting with one offering, dominating the space and then expanding

As a solo consultant or small firm, if you want to win the war, you’ve got pick your battles

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Image credit: Hampshire County Council’s Fine Art Collection