Post-Gen AI: Why It Matters for Consultants

Highly capable AI agents (or Artificial Capable Intelligence) could transform your consulting business and here’s how:

First, a definition.

While Generative AI can produce intelligent responses to natural language prompts, they are not capable of performing tasks autonomously. Artificial Capable Intelligence (ACI) on the other hand, can perform a wide variety of tasks while interfacing with other AI and systems.

Mustafa Suleyman (CEO of Microsoft AI), who coined the term says that ACI tools will be operational in the next 2-3 years.

A marketing use case for ACI would be to design strategy, research and design products, interface with other businesses on your behalf, negotiate contracts, and create and operate marketing campaigns (See Mustafa’s article in the comments).

There will be many, many more things ACI will ultimately be able to do. As consultants and advisors, let’s be prepared for what’s coming because these are powerful technologies that will help us differentiate, produce high-level insights for clients, and ultimately deliver quality outcomes.

⭐ P.S. – What do you think ACI’s impact would be on consulting?

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Image credit: Dalle-3