Prospecting in the Age of Privacy


Do you find it awkward to reach out to prospective clients without a referral?

Are you concerned they might find it intrusive?
You know how sensitive people are about their privacy.

Especially during election season, it’s easy not to forget that some of the biggest scandals in the recent past involve privacy breaches.

All of this can play on your mind and make you think people simply want to be left alone.


They would prefer to be left alone if all you do is add their name to a sales letter template and send it off to them along with hundreds of others.

I know I would, too.

But here’s the thing…

All businesses have problems. And in most cases, it’s incredibly hard to find the right people to fix problems. Just ask anyone from HR.

The reality is that the right potential client would be delighted to hear from you, provided your outreach is:

🔥 Highly personal
🔥 Relevant to their pain
🔥 Creative
🔥 Makes them curious
🔥 Short and to the point

There are plenty of ways to do this well and land conversations with your dream clients.

Because…in the end it’s never been about privacy, but always about ingenuity.

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