Remember this when selling to Mid/Large Organizations

For independent consultants and boutiques, the mid-sized segment (1000-5000 ppl) can be very lucrative. (read till the end for a gift 🎁)

Mid-sized companies have many consulting opportunities and most of these companies are not willing to pay Big 5 consulting rates (why would they?).

Smaller consulting businesses can take advantage of these opportunities provided they demonstrate why they should be hired and why now (i.e. your value proposition).

But often consultants are not prepared for these opportunities. Selling to mid-sized or large companies is not the same as selling to a small business. Many of these organizations have buying committees that make the decision to hire vendors. You rarely have a single decision-maker.

Having a clear and crisp value proposition helps your champion (your contact in the buying org that pushes your solution on your behalf) make a better case for you.

In the previous session of Consulting Growth Hour, I broke down 5 drivers of value (based on Alex Hormozi’s value creation formula) and how consultants can apply them to build a strong value proposition.

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 drivers:

👉 Dream outcome
👉 Likelihood of achievement
👉 Time delay
👉 Effort and Sacrifice
👉 Scarcity (this one I added to Hormozi’s initial 4)

Learn how to create value and tap into many 5 and 6-fig consulting opportunities mid-sized orgs have on offer.

If you didn’t make it to the session live, the replay is available. Want it? Let me know in the comment section and I’ll send it to you. 👇

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Image credit: Saatchi Art