Should You Take My Advice

Here’s my goal for Consulting Growth Hour sessions:

To give you my best ideas. Ideas that have brought me and my clients results.

But you shouldn’t take these ideas at face value, because I don’t know your business at all.

Use my advice to consider different approaches and experiment if it makes sense for your business.

My 60-min sessions are packed with advice but it’s directional, not specific. This applies to most advice on social media.

Most social media content is reductive and not specific or comprehensive.

Specific advice can only be given once I understand you, your business and situation deeply. For that you need to invest in hiring me and commit to executing on specific advice I give you.

That’s how transformation happens.

Until you’re ready for that next step (whether you hire me or someone else), come and check out Consulting Growth Hour. I go deep into concepts and draw from personal experience, holding nothing back.

Ready to add $100k-$500k revenue to your consulting business in 12 months or less without burning out? Schedule a call and let me show you how.

Image credit: Dalle-3