We Simply Have to Have Them As A Client!

I’ve come across some consultants who are hell bent on landing a specific company as a client. They say things like:

“We simply have to have them as a client”
“If we land this client, everything completely changes”
“This is our dream client. We’ve always wanted to work with them”

I appreciate the ambition, but in my experience there’s no way to guarantee you’re going to land that ONE, specific client.

There are simply too many reasons outside your control, such as:

⛔ No need
⛔ Bad timing
⛔ Internal culture
⛔ Internal politics
⛔ Buyer personality

It’s far more pragmatic to have multiple ideal prospects to target. I help my clients do this by creating an Ideal 100 prospect list. We start with a handful of organisations and create a list of up to 100.

You can reach buyers within your Ideal 100 through various tactics, including referrals & intros, personalised outreach, content-based networking, thought leadership, etc.

If you do things right, you’re pretty much guaranteed to land one or more of your ideal clients.

So ditch the single-client obsession and broaden your dream list.

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Image credit: Dalle-3