Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Efforts?

A consultant came to me recently because he wasn’t sure where to focus his marketing efforts.

👉 Focus on Market A or B?
👉 Sell directly or through other consulting firms?
👉 Write a newsletter or go to networking events?

These can be hard questions if you try to solve them alone. But when you tackle them along with someone else…

A coach
A mentor
A community
A peer group

Those questions are easier to answer. Working alone is hard enough. Why make it harder by trying to answer hard questions alone?

Yes, you can possibly get all the answers in books, webinars, LinkedIn content, etc. But it’s going to take you a long time to figure everything out without a guide or partner to get you unstuck.

The question is: what is your time worth to you?

P.S. – The consultant I talked added 200k in new revenue within a year. See the LinkedIn recommendations on my profile for the story. 📘 ⭐

Watch the video below and if you find it useful…

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Image credit: Dalle-3