Stutz on Netflix: Great example of an ideal Consultant-Client relationship

Anyone watched Stutz on Netflix or planning to?

It’s a documentary made by Hollywood star Jonah Hill in which he interviews his therapist, Dr. Phil Stutz.

I really enjoyed it. The film not only destigmatizes mental health but also has Dr. Stutz deliver super insightful mindset and psychology principles everyone can use.

But more importantly what stood out for me was the quality of the relationship between patient/client and service professional.

Jonah the client has so much respect and regard for his ‘service provider’ that he decided to make a film about him and spread his message.

As business consultants and advisors, we thrive on trusted relationships. Watching these two individuals and the openness, bonding and camaraderie they share, I realized that their relationship can serve as a model for consultant-client relationships in our world as well.

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Image credit: A Soft Voice In A Noisy World