The Consulting Business Killer (and how to avoid it)

What activity do consulting business owners avoid the most?

If you own a consulting business, you probably know the answer.

Yes, it’s selling your work.

Unless you’re an outlier in our industry, sales and marketing are generally not your priority.

Not because you don’t have the aptitude for it, but because you’re busy. There’s only so much you can do.

But since you know sales is important, you may decide to go down the path many consulting business owners go down, i.e. hire a commissioned sales person.

Hiring a salesperson is not wrong, but hiring one too soon may end up costing you.

You see…

Before you hire a salesperson, you as a business owner need to make sure you are crystal clear about your marketing strategy, i.e.

⭐ What your specific offering is
⭐ Who your target buyer is
⭐ How your solution addresses their needs, and
⭐ What makes it different from others in the market

Most often, business owners don’t get this down to a tee. So when they hire a salesperson, there’s major misalignment between the both of them.

When the leads don’t come, the finger pointing begins.

Consulting business owners, please avoid this scenario by taking the time to learn sales and marketing. Once you know what drives growth in your business, you’ll be able to communicate it effectively to people who work for you.

Check out the video below for more 👇👇👇

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Image credit: Ryger | Pixels