9 Steps to Building a Powerful Narrative for Your Consulting Business

Consultant, here are 9 steps to build a powerful narrative and communicate the value of your services to your market:

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To build a narrative or story that makes your audience sit up, take notice of you and consider having a conversation with you, be VERY CLEAR about:

1. Your ideal client profile (Organization type and buyer)

2. Your buyers’ present pains and symptoms

3. Their dream outcome

4. What stops them from achieving their dream outcome

5. Options available they don’t like

6. What they’re fed up with

7. Why your solution works and how it’s different

8. What future pain they will experience if they do nothing (consequences)

9. What opportunities they will miss out on if they do nothing (opportunity costs)


I know these 9 attributes sound like a bunch of theory (they are), so if you’re interested in seeing how this works in the real world…

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I like learning using examples and if you’re the same, comment on this post and I’ll send you the video so you can learn and apply the framework to your business fast.

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Image credit: William Stott