The Cure for Low Consulting Fees


Do you depend on one major client and feel you’re not getting paid enough?

You’d like another client or two…but don’t have the bandwidth to take any more work?

So then, how do you price your services so you can meet your income goals?

This was one of the questions that came in during one of my live Q&A sessions on growing a consulting business.

Here’s my response:

Low fees is only a symptom. The real problem lies in the foundation of your business.

By foundation, I mean strategy.

And strategy is nothing but a fancy word for ‘focus’.

Focus primarily relates to WHO you’re serving and WHAT value you promise to deliver to them.

The higher the value, the higher you can potentially charge your clients.

Your price is directly linked to the foundation your business stands on.

For more on how you can increase your consulting fees, check out my document, 5 Ways to Increase Your Consulting Fees:

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Image credit: Reuven Gayle