The Cure for Rollercoaster Consulting Income

If your monthly/quarterly income is erratic, here’s what I suggest you do:

Let’s look at it from a SYSTEMS perspective.

In the beginning, most consulting businesses have two systems in place – sales and project delivery.

You get referrals randomly and when you do, you apply an intuitive sales process, win the business and deliver the project. 

The reason most consulting businesses are stuck is that they don’t break out of this cycle.

You sell a project and get neck deep in delivery. 

When you suddenly realize you need a new client, you scramble for referrals again.

The cycle then continues…

This is a very stressful way to run your business, with devastating effects on your health and relationships.

The way to get out of this cycle is to introduce a third system to your operation:


Imagine opening your refrigerator or pantry and seeing them stocked with your favourite food – ALL the time. 

You can reach out and pick what you like. That’s what having an effective marketing system feels like. 

You’ll have options (many prospects to choose from).

And you’ll never go hungry. With more peace of mind, you’ll serve your clients better…and grow your business.

So, invest in marketing.

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Image credit: Onur Senture on Dribbble