The True Costs of Doing Nothing


In the hustle-bustle of your life, do you stop to consider your true costs?

Not the financial costs, but the costs of maintaining the status quo.

Let me explain.

Most consultants spend years building their expertise. Many achieve superstar status working for others.

But when they strike out on their own and start their business, things change.

They rely on referrals, go from gig to gig, lose revenue in-between projects and take on any project for lower fees than they deserve.

They manage to build a six figure business, but revenue then plateaus.

I call this scenario the consultant’s hamster wheel.

When you’re on it, you frantically alternate between delivering projects and hunting for your next client, while ignoring the true costs, some of which are:

❌ Not being sought out by dream, high-paying clients with interesting projects that help you grow
❌ Having to say “No” too often when your spouse or kids want to hang out
❌ Missing workouts and not being in the peak of health
❌ Not living to your true potential or impacting 1000s of people and orgs

If you’re incurring these heavy costs, get intentional about building an efficient sales and marketing system.

It’s the first step towards your freedom.

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Image credit: Artwork Archive