The Mindset You Need for More Sales


Here’s a mindset shift I guarantee will help you generate more sales and grow your business: 

Treat your business like you would treat a client. 

As consulting business owners, we care way more about our clients than our own businesses. 

Consulting engagements can be hard. You’re dealing with: 

👉 Tight deadlines
👉 Multiple client team meetings
👉 Project scope changes
👉 Project team management, hiring, etc.

Putting clients first is no doubt the right thing to do, but we must find a way to care for our own businesses with the same rigour as we do our clients’ businesses. 

Most consulting business owners are not very disciplined when it comes to growth-related tasks, such as: 

⛔ Planning (Goal-setting, strategy, continuing education, hiring, etc.)
⛔ Relationship-building (with existing and former clients, peers, etc. for referrals and introductions)
⛔ Thought leadership (Knowledge sharing – speaking, writing, etc.)

The problem is not a lack of aptitude, but the absence of a dedicated block of hours in your week for these activities. 

If you’re going to do these tasks randomly as and when you feel like it, how can you expect your business to grow and perform at full throttle? 

Here’s a tip if you’re struggling with growth: Dedicate one day a week to work only on growth tasks (as above). Tell your clients you’re not available to take meetings or work on their projects on that day of the week. 

Won’t work for you? Consider this: 

I’ve done this for 10+ years and I’ve worked with more than 150 clients (small, mid and large organizations). I haven’t had a single client insist that I work on their projects on Fridays (the day of the week dedicated to my business). You only think it won’t work for you because you haven’t tried it yet. 

Start treating your business like a client. Your business – and everyone that depends on it – deserves it.

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