They say they’re interested… but don’t respond anymore?

A consultant recently asked me, “How do I get X prospect to respond? They’re a dream prospect. They said they’re interested in moving forward, but now I feel I’m being ghosted.”

My response 👇👇👇

You can’t control 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 prospects buy. Most consultants I know are so busy they have just one or two prospects in the pipeline. So they get obsessed with them and do everything they can to close them.

Now, there are tactics you can use to have prospects pay attention to you and bring them back to the table, such as:

👍 Inviting them to your podcast
👍 Sending them relevant, personalized content based on a previous conversation
👍 Introducing them to a potential client or someone else
👍 Sending them a video message
And so on…


While these tactics can work, there’s no guarantee that any of them will. People have many reasons they stall after giving you positive signals, such as:

🚫 They may have jumped the gun and said Yes to you
🚫 They may be going through internal politics they can’t talk with you about
🚫 Too many decision-makers and bureaucracy
🚫 They may be waiting for a credit line increase or new investment
🚫 They may be preoccupied with other urgent projects
🚫 They may be preoccupied with personal commitments

Waiting for someone to say Yes to you when their attention is elsewhere…is painful. There’s only one antidote to this that I know of and that is to build a stronger sales pipeline.

A strong and healthy pipeline gives you options. You choose who you want to work with – there’s no pressure to keep hounding those one or two prospects who give you positive signals and then disappear. 💪

Also, you don’t have to say Yes in desperation to any deal that comes your way. Your pipeline is the ultimate ticket to more confidence, profit and growth. 🎟️

Here’s the other thing: dream prospects are not finite. There are other dream prospects out there – you simply haven’t met them yet.

In my next post, I’ll share what’s working today both for me and my clients in building a B2B sales pipeline with qualified prospects.

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Image credit: openai Dall-e