Uncomfortable “selling” your services? Do this instead.

It’s a pity many consulting business owners don’t enjoy selling their services. If you’re one of them, here’s a different way to think about sales. 👇👇

Don’t sell. Help. 

As a consultant with expertise in your field, you have a bird’s eye view of the industry and why your market needs to change. 

Your market and potential clients are heads down doing their own thing. They have their own ways and methods of solving problems that you have better solutions for. 

Or perhaps they don’t see the need to change the way they’re doing things at this moment. 

Your job is to understand them better or discover their needs and goals. 
If you feel their current actions are not going to help them reach their goals, then help them see why. 

✅ Help them see why change is necessary. 
✅ Help them ask the right questions so they can reach their goals faster. 
✅ Help them learn about trends that affect their business.
✅ Give them examples of others like them who are getting better results by doing things differently. 

Don’t make offers to everyone you have a conversation with if they’re not a good fit for your business. It’s perfectly okay to not make offers to them or to introduce them to other sellers that may be a better fit for them.

The more you help your prospects, the more you take the pressure off yourself to close sales. 

The more you take the pressure off yourself and help more people, the more sales you’ll end up making any way.

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Image credit: Artphlo