Using Content to Expand Your Horizons


There’s an obvious benefit content marketing delivers that didn’t even occur to me when I started producing content. 

It’s this: 

Valuable content attracts clients from markets you wouldn’t even dream of considering initially.

In the early days of your business, you typically have a fixed idea of where your clients would come from.

Even if you picked a niche, you expect to land new clients from your local market or others you’re familiar with. 

But a compelling message and solid distribution online opens many doors from places far and wide, as I’ve discovered. 

My traditional markets are Canada and the US, but with an effective content strategy in place I’ve served clients from five different continents. My offering and fee are the same no matter where my clients come from. 

If you’re struggling to build a pipeline in your local market and think you’d benefit from serving clients from outside of your traditional markets, then consider putting together a content plan. 

Expand your horizons, attract clients who want to work with you and do your best work. 

But know this: results can take time. You need to give content at least a quarter or two before you see traction. 

So don’t take half measures. Go all in, produce your best content and distribute it in channels your audience hangs out in, whether that’s LinkedIn, podcast platforms, YouTube, online communities, etc. 

Remember, there are companies and buyers out there who would be thrilled to work with you. If you’re not out there building your brand and presence, you’ll never know who they are and what might have been.

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Image credit: Shenfeic Deviant Art