Want to Grow Your Consulting Biz? Don’t do this.

As a consulting business owner what skill are you most proud of? 

If you’re like most people, you’re most proud of this: 

Your technical expertise. 

➡️ Project management consultants are most proud of their project management expertise
➡️ Supply chain tech consultants are most proud of their supply chain tech expertise
➡️ Strategy consultants are most proud of their strategy expertise

And so on…

But when you’re a consulting business owner, you run a business. 
While it’s nice to be proud of your technical expertise which gets you results for your clients, it’s not wise to ignore your identity as a business owner. 

When you identify as a business owner, you will begin to turn your attention to acquiring business expertise. 

Business expertise, starting with marketing and sales expertise, will help you grow your business on your terms. 

Whatever your goal is – to sell more to your existing clients, increase your profit margins or land new clients and expand your business – learning marketing and sales skills will help you be a more confident leader. 

Without the right business skills, you’re going to be tempted to outsource business functions to others to soon in your business. 

Delegating is not wrong, but delegating vital functions like marketing and sales too quickly without knowing how these functions work…that’s not prudent. 

At every crucial juncture in your business journey, you’ll need to make marketing and sales decisions, such as: 

⭐ Creating new solutions
⭐ Revising your pricing and payment terms
⭐ Researching new markets
⭐ Creating a competitive advantage so your clients stay with you longer
⭐ Having better conversations with prospective clients to understand their needs
⭐ Finding new ways to land new clients

If you’re not directly involved in these decisions, you’ll likely take the wrong path or get to your destination very late. 

The smarter move is to invest in developing your own sales and marketing expertise. You’ll make fewer mistakes, move faster and enjoy your journey as a consulting business owner.

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