What to Do When Demand Drips Rather than Drops

Consultant, I got an interesting comment/question on one of my recent posts.

The commenter said her trouble with lead generation was that “it drips more than it drops”, i.e. demand was inconsistent and slow.

Her niche hired consultants only when they were in trouble or far along.

So what do you in this situation?

Here’s what I think:

If your challenge is lack of consistent demand, then one or a combination of the following ideas may apply:

1️⃣ 🔥 Segment your audience based on where they are in the buyer’s journey (Problem unaware -> Problem aware -> Consideration -> Decision).

Can you identify the ones that are heading for trouble or are far along and are considering hiring consultants? Focus your marketing messages on this segment.

2️⃣ 🔥 To move people along in the buyers’ journey so they’re ready to buy from you, create educational content focused on opportunity costs, typical solutions they’re fed up with, new ways to solve their problems and how their business will change as a result of applying those new ways.

3️⃣🔥 Increase your reach among your audience (i.e. have more people see your content so you increase the number of qualified opportunities).

Agree/disagree? What would you do?

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Image credit: MiTrout55 Getty Images