Posting Content but not Getting Results? Do This.


Are you posting content but not getting results (qualified leads/opportunities)? Feel it doesn’t work? If yes, consider fixing one or more of these:

1. Targeting:

Are you clear about who your target buyers and influencers are? Are you consistently adding them to your network?

2. Channels:

Have you picked a channel(s) your buyers and influencers are in? Right now for B2B Linkedin is on fire, but there are other channels that can work, too.

3. Offer:

Is your offer clearly mentioned in your profile? If people like your content, they’ll typically look at your profile. If it doesn’t clearly state how you can help, they’re gone.

4. Communication:

Do you have a compelling narrative that makes your audience sit up and listen? There are many facets to this, but I’ll give you one:

Talk about what your audience is fed up with and propose a new way they can solve their problem. Show them proof that it works.

5. Consistency:

Out of sight, out of mind. Post at least 3 times a week and build relationships.

Content has always been used to sell consulting services (think seminars, books, etc.).

Buyers are out there. If you’re not getting results with content, don’t say it doesn’t work. Instead, say “I don’t know and I need to learn”.

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Image credit: Dreamstime