“Why would anyone hire me if I give away my knowledge for free?”

Here’s a question I received about this post on consultants becoming teachers (https://consultingleap.com/how-to-build-credibility-as-a-consultant/)

👉 “If I teach my audience something, they will learn what I know. Why then will they hire me as a consultant?”

Here’s the truth: They don’t hire you for your knowledge. They hire you to get them results.

By teaching or sharing your knowledge with your audience or community, they’re not automatically going to get results.  

To get results for your clients, you need a lot more than just knowledge. You need:

✅ Creativity and intuition
✅ Analytical skills
✅ Curiosity and drive
✅ Communication skills (listening, persuasion, leadership)
✅ Self-management skills
✅ The ability to effectively execute consulting projects
✅ Team skills

In other words, the magic of client results lies in the unique technique, ingenuity and soft skills you bring to the table. Your knowledge is simply one piece of your arsenal.

Smart clients get this. They know that rather than doing it on their own, having you on board will get them unstuck, give them and their teams more clarity and get results and ROI faster.

But in order for them to have confidence to hire you, you need to give them a taste of your expertise. To do that, you need to first bring them into your world.

And guess what?

By sharing your knowledge freely, you provide a gateway to your world. The more relevant, useful and valuable information you share with them, the more confidence they will have in your ability to help them.

So don’t hold back. Be helpful and open. Share freely, share often and be there for your community. The ones who need you the most will approach you when the time is right.

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Image credit: Dr. Patrick Chaplin