A New Way To Follow Up

📕 MINI LESSON: They want to work with you but they keep putting it off. What do you do?

One of the major issues consultants face in the sales process is that of following up.

When a prospect has said they’d like to work with you but then gets busy with something else, what do you do?

❓ Do you keep knocking on their door?
❓ Do you keep sending them helpful content?
❓ Do you give them an ultimatum or create false scarcity?

What if it’s a client that’s worth 100k+ or potentially much more down the road?

How do you get back on the table?

In my work with helping independent consultants land new clients, my team and I experiment a lot. Recently we came up with a new way to follow up with hard-to-reach prospects who take too long to start an engagement.

We call it “The Solution-led Approach”.

Here’s a short lesson on how it works 👇

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Image credit: Dalle-3