AI CEOs? Reality or Stretch?

As much as I’m all for AI and it’s use in management (for what choice do we have?), I don’t believe all companies can be led by an AI CEO. This NY Times article has a point – many CEO tasks can be done by AI. However, I find it hard to believe an AI CEO can:

– Create a vision and strategy based on market nuances, cultural contexts and human aspirations.
– Shape and nurture a company’s culture by inspiring employees and leading by example.
– Lead complex, high-stakes negotiations with multiple parties.
– Lobby government, regulators and investors.
– Mentor future leaders based on a deep understanding of the human experience.

Now, I fully agree that many micro businesses can and will be run by AI agents (see my post on the modern Turing test by Microsof AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman in the comments). However, to grow a winning organization, you can’t have everyone taking orders from a dispassionate robot at the top.

At the same time, leaders need more than a basic grasp of AI to stay ahead—they need to know how to leverage it for a competitive edge. Understanding its evolving role in reshaping business and society is just as crucial to avoid falling behind.

Here’s what I’m focusing on in light of all this. I am:

– Embracing technology and collaborating with technologists.
– Focusing on developing human-centric skills (empathy, critical thinking, communication).
– Continuously learning about market trends, business models and paradigms that all of this is leading to.

📌 Here’s the article:

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Image credit: Dalle-3