Don’t Make this Mistake During a Sales Presentation

Here’s something I’ve noticed a lot of new consultants do during sales presentations that can result in a dead sale:
Taking an inordinate amount of time discussing how unique their methodology or mechanism is.

Now, I understand that as a consultant you need a process that allows you to solve your client’s problem and deliver their desired outcome.


A sales discussion is not the time or place to go on and on about how unique your methodology or mechanism is.

Because buyers don’t care about that.

Here are a couple of key questions serious buyers ask themselves during a consulting sales presentation:

❓ ➡️ “Does this consultant truly understand my pain, where I am right now in my business and where I wish to go?”

❓ ➡️ “Can this consultant help me or my business get the outcome I’m looking for?”

When you prepare for sales discussions, you must nail down how you’re going to present yourself to buyers so they answer both questions in their minds with a resounding “YES!” ✅

It takes work and practice, but once you get there, you’ll start to win more consulting deals and grow your business.

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