How to Balance Your Time Between Project Delivery and Prospecting Consistency


Are you struggling with balancing your time between project delivery and prospecting consistently?
It’s a VERY common problem many consultants face.

I struggled with it, too.

I would land a project and be up to my eyeballs with work, which was good…

But when it ended, I would run about like a headless chicken trying to find my next client.

It was a very unhealthy way of running a business.

I tried dedicating an hour every day in which I could work on prospecting activities.

But that didn’t work because something or the other would always come up while working on a client project.

So here’s what I did, which worked like a charm for me:

I blocked out Fridays for prospecting.

I would spend Fridays planning, researching prospective clients, drafting emails, creating content, following up with prospects, and doing everything prospecting-related.

It brought some sanity to my one-man operation in the early days.

Even now, Fridays are off-limits to my clients.

So if you’re struggling with consistency in prospecting, consider blocking off Fridays.

And after a successful day of prospecting, go out and enjoy a beverage or two.

And enjoy your weekends more. Because if you don’t, what’s the point of being in business at all?

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Image credit: MHJ|Getty Images|Meriel Jane Waissman