Ecosystem Moves: Upcoming Book by Saar Ben-Attar

Congrats to my client and top consulting leader Saar Ben-Attar on his upcoming book, Ecosystem Moves.

Saar is a relentless action-taker with a unique understanding of business ecosystems. There is a book inside him, so he is writing it.

But Saar is not different from other experienced consultants. If you’re one, then you probably have a book inside you as well.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not ready yet” then let me tell you what book coach and author Dan Janal said to me during last week’s Consulting Demand Generation Summit.

He said, “If you’re already solving people’s problems, you should write a book.”

It’s that simple.

Consultants with a well-written, useful book are perceived as more credible and serious.

A book will open new doors for you such as new leads, speaking opportunities, collaborations and more.

We could all do with more of those.

Congrats again, Saar. And congrats to you, whoever’s reading this, on your future book.

Check this link:

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Image credit: Saar Ben-Attar