How to create demand for your consulting services, Part 1

Consultant, what can you do to attract your buyers’ attention and create demand? 🔥👇

Here’s part 1 of my 5 part series on creating demand for your consulting services. Most consulting services are not must-have services, so what you say to your audience truly matters if you want to attract their attention. 

Your buyers are getting by using their current solution or process. Or they’re simply too “busy” to actively look for a new solution. More importantly, they don’t even know why they need you. 

So what can you do to attract their attention and create demand? 

Here’s what you do: You show them you understand their present pain. 

Highlight the pain they’re feeling right now. It has to be real, you can’t make things up.

The pain of losing their best people to their competitors, the pain of declining profit margin or the pain of working too much without results. 

Whatever the pain is, if you could articulate why the pain they feel now is a result of their current practices or solutions, they will sit up and listen. Watch this space for more tips coming soon.

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