How to create demand for your consulting services, Part 2

❓Consultant, how do you create demand for your consulting services amidst all the noise out there?

Most buyers don’t think through their decisions about their current process or solution.

They find comfort in maintaining the status quo. Making a change is hard, time-consuming and even risky.

So as a seller of “nice to have” consulting services, it’s on you to articulate to your audience what consequences can follow as a result of doing nothing.

Consequences such as: how the shifting market can impact their revenues, how their current process or solution will drive employees to quit, how not tracking inventory can affect customer experience.

❌ This is not fear mongering.

Gently pointing out consequences of the status quo and opportunity costs can help your audience see the bigger picture, spark conversations within their teams, evoke curiosity and position you as an expert in their eyes. 👀

That’s how demand is created. Demand for change, and demand for you.

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