The Two Types of Consulting Business Owners

There are two types of consulting business owners:

1. One is technically sound, understands the scope of the engagement, focuses on the results needed, manages the client relationship very well and executes superbly. 

2. The other is everything the first type is but is also a strategic advisor to their clients. They understand their client’s business and what they’re trying to achieve. They also understand how their own consulting expertise fits within the context of their client’s business.

With a deep sense of what their client needs, this type of consulting business owner advises the client on: 

  • ✅ Why clients need to change the way they operate (because most people ‘get by’ doing things the way they’ve always been doing them)
  • ✅ The unintended consequences of doing nothing and staying the course
  • ✅ What prevents clients from getting better results
  • ✅ Gaps between what clients think is possible and what is really possible
  • ✅ Trends that could impact the client (in the context of the consultant’s expertise)
  • ✅ Pragmatic ways to achieve results

I could go on…

By focusing on the client and their path, this type of consultant is able to make a case about why the client should invest in them. This is how relationships are built and win-win partnerships are formed. 

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Image credit: Adolf Von Becker